F is for Wryday (77)

December 22, 2011

Much festive praise to Mary on CA for this link on dotCommonweal and, of course, to the creator of the following gem.

For sometime I’ve been looking for a way to best express my view on (most) of the new changes in the liturgy. I don’t think, as many seem to, that it’s a hill to die on, but it is so bad and so ’emperor’s clothes’ from those who try to defend it, that it does demand a response here even if only for the record. This Commonweal ‘recipe’ not only does that, but it makes for a very fitting Wryday Christmas entry.

But wait, there’s more. The comments section below the recipe is worth a ‘Wry’ read too. I particularly loved this one:

A Cookie Blessing: “O God, who see the cookies that you have graciously deigned to allow us to bake here according to this recipe that you have given us that we may give to others that which you have given to us here, bless, we pray, them, O Lord, that you may allow us to offer them in return to many, as we seek to preveniently nourish these your holy people, we pray, with the ineffable taste of the flour that you have graciously allowed us to refine, O Lord, with the milky milk that milkily issues forth abundantly from the many bovine animals which you have made and from the sweet sugar that sweetly comes from the sweet sugar cane plants which you have created for we your people, who humbly implore your blessings, that all of us may humbly eat of them, in order that you might, O Lord, we humbly beseech you, bless us and them, and, we pray, O Lord, and I forgot where I was going with this prayer.”


I think that now has the new translation in a highly appropriate perspective. I can now have the cake and eat it too!

F is for Wryday (76)

December 15, 2011

As the countdown for the demise of CathPews draws ever closer it occured to me that the following video might make a fitting tribute to a certain Vet and his long held views on our homosexual brothers and sisters. Note that the original, gentle enough humour that is is, is produced without irony. For ‘Lewis and Lewis’, like the Vet, observing what goes on ‘down in the barn’ is all you need to do.

Apologies for the lack of Wryday posts in the last couple of weeks, a family bereavement has left our household a little glum and busy with other priorities.