F is for Wryday (102)

August 24, 2012

Amazing pictures from Mars. Nothing more need be said …

F is for Wryday (101)

August 17, 2012

The reason for this Wryday entry may not be immediately obvious, after all it’s a eulogy and it’s a politician. And while my liking for Malcolm Turnbull declined rapidly when he joined the ranks of the anti-Republicans, he’s certainly a much more impressive figure than his current leader.

Mind you, this speech certainly has some amusing moments, as eulogy’s are wont to do, and so I guess it takes its place worthily for that, but I found one small section particularly amusing.

The subject of Malcolm’s fine words were his recently deceased brother-in-law, Robert Hughes. At about the 10 minute mark …

‘I think he had a swipe at you’ [Looking at Tony Abbott]

Quick off the blocks, Tony replied, ‘He missed’.

Even quicker (and more effective IMHO), Malcom swathes, ‘What a loss for the nation would it have been if he’d have connected’.

It may be my imagination, fueled by my own bias, but Abbott’s look … well, maybe it was my imagination.

F is for Wryday (100)

August 10, 2012

Wow, 100 Wrydays! Whoda thunk it?

Well, taking up last weeks theme wasn’t planned this week, but serendipity stepped in. This clip is also eerily relevant to today — well up until a few days ago at least — and features the very young Andrew Denton and Libbi Gorr (AKA Elle McFeast):

F is for Wryday (99)

August 2, 2012

Our workplace had a Kiwi visitor yesterday. In preparation he sent this email a few days before (very consuderut):

Milbun – capital of Victoria ((Melbourne- capital of Victoria in Australia)
Peck – to fill a suitcase
Pissed aside – chemical which kills insects
Pigs – for hanging out washing with
Pump – to act as agent for prostitute
Pug – large animal with a curly tail
Nin tin dough – computer game
Munner stroney – soup
Min – male of the species
Mess Kara – eye makeup
McKennock – person who fixes cars
Mere – Mayor
Leather – foam produced from soap
Lift – departed
Kiri Pecker – famous Australian businessman (recently deceased)
Kittle crusps/chups – potato chips
Ken’s – Cairns (city in North Queensland in Australia)
Jumbo – pet name for someone called Jim
Jungle Bills – Christmas carol
Inner me – enemy
Guess – vapour
Fush – marine creatures
Fitter cheney – type of pasta
Ever cardeau – avocado
Fear hear – blonde
Ear – mix of nitrogen and oxygen
Ear roebucks – exercise at the gym
Duffy cult – not easy (difficult)
Amejen – visualise
Day old chuck/chook – very young poultry
Bug hut – popular recording
Bun button – been bitten by insect
Beard – a place to sleep
Chully Bun – Esky
Sucks Peck – Half a dozen beers
Ear New Zulland – an extinct airline
Beers – large savage animals found in U.S. forests
Veerjun – mythical New Zealand maiden
One Doze – what you look out of to see the view or well-known computer operating system
Sex – one less than sivven
Iggs Ecktly – Precisely !
Beggage Chucken – place to leave your suitcase at the earport