In March 2010 I was unceremoniously  evicted from the CathPews Discussion Board — pushed over the edge of the pew, as it were — so that now (in disgrace) I have to maintain the conversation started all those years ago on the old CathNews site (now morphed into something far too sensible).

CathNews spawned offspring including, the short-lived, CathViews, and the successful Catholica. CathPews was a second generation from its parent, Mind and Heart which continues at a steady pace.

The PewMiester broke away from M&H heart assuring us all that he’d build a better DB and that it would never be a place of backslapping agreement between like-minded posters. The early breakaway came at the time when M&H’s administrator kicked the notorious Padre off the DB for disruptive behaviour. It wasn’t long before the PewMeister had to do the very same thing. The notorious Padre had history. Only one place would have him and it’s pretty much his place: True Catholic.

This, of course, is a totally unbiased history of the time leading up the creation of this blog. Trust me.

Let the conversation continue!

UPDATE: As the hundreds of readers will now know, CathPews is no more … well, I suspect the PewMeister occasionally swings his axe over at True Catholic, but up until recently it’s been back rooming swinging.

14 Responses to About

  1. Arabella says:

    All the best with your new venture Faz (it is Faz isn’t it?)

  2. old robe says:

    I do trust you will flourish in your exile.
    I followed Veronica’s valiant efforts on your behalf ‘from afar’, as I have decided the PM has more than enough deleting to do sans my puny efforts. Sad the search failed but the pictorial coverage was smashin’ good.
    Now I’ve got to add another bookmark.
    Go well, bro

  3. Congratulations Faz,
    Actually,True Catholic came into being a day or so after Peter tried to get his DB going. True Catholic predates Mind and Heart and Cath Pews by a long way. True Catholic was being set up as Cath News was folding down, and True Catholic was up and running a few days after the closure of Cath News.
    For your edification.

    Good luck with this venture. I hope that you make it work well and I have quite enjoyed your new blog.

    Way to go,Faz!

    Admin, True Catholic.

  4. Sharon says:

    Tony,just read your ‘About’ and have to correct you. CathPews wasn’t parented by Mind and Heart. Mind and Heart came from Rayner’s previous discussion board whose name I have forgotten. Exy started CathPews when Peter stopped his board in order to study.

    Have you disabled the ability to ‘copy’ in order to ‘paste’ or is it just my,now, elderly computer?

    • Faz says:

      Mine was a bit of a shortened history, but as I recall Ray had started a DB after the demise of CathViews and, after a short time Exy, created CathPews with a fairly scathing departure because Ray insisted on banning Fr Sledgehammer (yes, I know I’m name-calling but it’s a term of affection!). It may not have been called ‘Mind and Heart’ at the time but I think it would soon be so called.

      PS: I’ve just asked Ray on M&H for a clarification.

      Stop Press: Thanks to Ray, Clare, Pip and AR for their replies. I think it more or less confirms my view of history (more ‘more’ than ‘less’, I hope!)

      • jules says:

        Please call Father JG by his proper name. I don’t believe you when you say ,’it’s a term of affection.’

        Also , in your snap shot of TrueCatholic the header is not shown, like that of the other snap shots.
        Good luck Faz.

      • Faz says:


        If you make calling people by their proper names a guideline on TC I will gladly comply. The fact that Fr Sledge himself is a serial name-caller is evidence that it’s not a real issue. In short, make up your mind.

        BTW in order to comply with Fr Sledge’s request to be banned, I’ve placed him on a blacklist so that his posts go into a trash directory. Unfortunately it’s a blunt instrument and your comments went into the same bin. Hence the delay in responding.

  5. Marie says:

    It is a well known fact that CathNews sold the first Cyber-Church. Monetary values replaced love of neighbour thus affecting the love of the cyber-congregation. The institution or ‘powers to be’ just wouldn’t give enough ‘bread’ to a very good administrator. Not fair.

    So a new Db was started by a fair and ecumenical man named, Raymond. Sadly, but, not unexpectedly, there were rumblings and mumblings that certain religious books were better than others and it was here that a great exile occurred. Yes, many excommunicated themselves soon becoming lost in a Randwick wilderness. They eventually named it CathPews (Latin for ‘religious’ expatriates)

    Now, even though they were lost they could still see and hear the joy from the surrounding mountains. The joy where the Living Gospel was propelled by the Holy Spirit, bouncing and pinging from the mountain peak’s satellite. Soon tents were established high up the mountains where God smiled. Those poor banished children of CathPews will always be welcomed in our tents as the neighbours God has commanded we must love.

    Gee, look at me prattling on especially when Faz has already written the facts above.


  6. Gail says:

    Let the conversation begin????? Okay. I’m not particularly clear on the difference between a db and a blog, but Tony I’d love to “converse” here from time to time. So here goes: From the Sacred Space website’s prayer reflection this week: (I’ve been mulling this over). Got any thoughts? (mine are at the bottom).

    “Next week the church remembers St Joseph, husband of Mary and foster-father of Jesus. Sartre, in his Christmas play Barjona, tries to picture Joseph in the stable at Bethlehem. “I would not paint Joseph. I would show no more than a shadow at the back of the stable, and two shining eyes. For I do not know what to say about Joseph, and Joseph does not know what to say about himself. He adores, and is happy to adore, and he feels himself slightly out of it. I believe he suffers without admitting it. He suffers because he sees how much this woman whom he loves resembles God; how she is already at the side of God. For God has burst like a bomb into the intimacy of this family. Joseph and Mary are separated forever by this explosion of light. And I imagine that all through his life Joseph will be learning to accept this.”

    I don’t “get” the last three sentences, but I can’t quite work out why. Apart from the Mary portrayed as almost quasi-divine, which worries me no end as one who wants her as a very human role model, it’s probably also the first time I’ve seen the reverse of treating women as second-class citizens. This seems to be putting Joseph into the role of inferior being. And what’s this stuff about “learning to accept this”?.

    Wit due respect to the unknown author of this reflection, U reckon he is drawing a long bow. I’m posting this here because I would love a nice but not too intellectual chat about it with some gospel-centred sort of bloke I can relate to, who might also have some thoughts about the human psychology behind this “take” on the story. If this isn’t what blogs are about – sorry, and I promise I won’t do it again.

    Or, of course you could start up another category…

    L & K G

  7. Schütz says:

    I say, Faz/Tony, I didn’t realise you had your own blog. I might come and bother you a bit here when the port bottle runs dry at Sentire Cum Ecclesia!

  8. Good luck Tony, you are right, Cathnews, then Ray and Peter and Twocats soon after with cathpews running up behind, when Peter closed his one down. take care Tony. Ann

  9. cultureboy says:

    Wow, just stumbled on this one from a google search on how CathPews would look after the use by date was reached. You might like to drop in on my Holy Irritant blog sometime http://holyirritant.blogspot.com

    • Faz says:

      Welcome Tony and I have been an occasional visitor to the Holy Irritant.

      I created this blog when I finally had enough of Exy and his ponderous ways (feels like I’m speaking ill of the dead!) but my most reliable posts are a celebration of Fridays.

      Maybe this year I’ll post more on other days!

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