A plug for Catholica and the Bishops

March 10, 2010

Some … well most really … of my former Pewsitting friends would subscribe to the view that nothing good comes out of Catholica. In truth I find that there is too much negativity at times, but I’m not sure anyone could be critical of the way CA is promoting the the Lenten reflections of our Bishops.

This is a great initiative for at least two reasons: It’s an accessible modern form of communication (OK, not if you don’t have broadband) and it allows us to get to know our Bishops who, even in small dios, can seem distant.

This week the reflection and discussion centre on the Prodigal Son.

It never ceases to amaze me how just when you think you’ve nailed it — ‘I’m older and wiser, now I get it!’ — someone comes up with a different angle to disarm you. Does any other parable do that like this one?