That’s NOT the way you do it

August 23, 2010

OK, now that I’ve broken the, albeit tenuous, ‘no politics’ resolve of this blog last Friday I may as well have a post about sport.

Although it sees the world of AFL football from a not untypical ‘Victoria and the rest’ perspective, Real Footy is my first on-line port of call for AFL news.

I was amused by this story this morning:

The caption for the first photo reads: Adelaide forward Kurt Tippett spoils Collingwood defender Nathan Brown at the MCG on Saturday night. While the caption for the second identical pic reads: Nathan Brown spoils Crows forward Kurt Tippett.

I wonder if it will get picked up and, if so, how long it will be before it is changed.

The buck stops at the top

April 23, 2010

No, this is not another rant about the Pope.

In the last 24 hours or so, Rugby League fans (played mostly on the Eastern Seaboard) have been rocked by scandal where a team — the Melbourne Storm — pretty much bought success (including 2 grand finals) by rorting salary cap system (designed to prevent rich clubs dominating the competition because the have the cash).

In this article — The buck stops with News Ltd in the Melbourne Storm scandal — on Crikey, James Thomson asserts that James Hartigan (the owner of the club):

… might claim he has fallen victim to a few rats in the ranks, but questions should and must be asked about why News Corporation was apparently unaware that anything was wrong in a business it owns.

And the kicker:

In the corporate world, the “I was duped” excuse does not wash — the bucks stops at the top.

OK, maybe it is relevant to the Pope!

In the spirit of Wryday though, I have to include the rather acerbic comment from one ‘Fowls’:

Corporate governance issues aside, who really cares outside NSW and Qld? The club may be called Melbourne Storm, but in Melbourne they only have a handful of supporters, they have never had any Victorian players, they have never had any resonance with the Melbourne public. And it’s the most god-awful, boring, skill-free, troglodyte game anyway, with misogynist, bogan supporters, so why would the rest of Australia ever want to embrace it?

I wonder why he doesn’t say what he really thinks!